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BMW Tire
Tire rotations are a normal part of your car’s routine maintenance, and the benefits go further than the tires themselves. Most dealerships will rotate the tires at the time of an oil change, making it easy to kill two birds with one stone, and believe it or not, a simple tire rotation can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

First and foremost, rotating your tires regularly will keep the tread wear even on all four tires. Keeping the tread wear even prolongs the life of your tires and means you’ll likely only need to replace all four tires at once instead of two at a time.

Tire rotations are necessary due to your car’s uneven weight distribution. Generally speaking, the front tires carry the weight of the transmission and engine. They also lead the car around turns and curves. In comparison, the back tires carry much less weight and simply follow the front tires rather than make changes in direction themselves.

Regularly rotating your tires will also increase your gas mileage and offer a much smoother ride. A simple rotation can also save you thousands over the lifespan of your car by reducing vibrations. Less vibrations means a longer life for your suspension.

In addition, when you take the tires off for a rotation, you can examine the undercarriage and components under the car. If there are any problems, odds are you can catch them while they’re at an early stage. Otherwise, you may end up paying a pocketful of money to fix a problem that could have easily been avoided.

On top of all that, many manufacturers require tire rotations to keep new car mileage warranties valid.

So, how often should you rotate your tires? Every 6 months or 7,500 miles—the same time span as routine oil changes—is a good spot. Check your owner’s manual for exact timing.

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