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What is the Importance of an Oil Change?

Have you ever stopped and thought about what exactly makes your vehicle…go? If you have a gasoline engine, it’s simple: an explosion. While you are flying along at breakneck speed, listening to your favorite podcast, explosions are happening constantly the energy harnessed from those explosions is what propels your vehicle along. Naturally, this makes engines get hot. Very hot.
That’s one huge reason that engines require oil. Oil helps draw heat away from engine components. Heat alters the chemical bonds in substances, even engine components. They get too hot and they can’t move easily. If they go too hot for too long, they can’t move at all.
That’s another reason that oil is necessary: movement. Your engine components, pistons and cylinders, are moving next to each other with a hair length’s clearance. Oil helps reduce friction.
Over time, your engine oil loses its ability to do its job due to loss of chemical integrity and the accumulation of by-products and contaminants. Your oil can no longer absorb heat well, and rather than protecting your engine from dangers of friction, by-products build up in your oil that can actually scratch and damage your engine components.  Also, your oil becomes thicker over time, unable to move between engine components as it should.
This is why it is absolutely essentially that you get your oil changed regularly. Consult your owner’s manual to find out what the appropriate oil change interval is for your vehicle. This is also why it is important to always maintain oil level.  

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