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New vs Used Car vs Certified Pre-Owned

It can be really difficult to decide which type of car you should buy. There are so many choices out there for potential buyers that the whole process can be a bit overwhelming if you don't do your research and get an idea of what you want. We're here to help you make one of the most crucial decisions - should you buy a new or used car?


It can be very tempting to blindly decide that you want to buy a new car, and there are plenty of reasons why you should! There are also reasons why it might not be the best way to go.

The best part about buying a new car is you know exactly what you're getting because it's a new car - no surprises. You won't find any unexpected scratches, dents, or any other exterior flaws. It will be the latest model, with the best technology in it. This means that you'll probably be getting the latest design, as well. There will be less maintenance costs on a new car because of factory warranties and general reliability - especially with a BMW.

All of those brand-new features will cost you though. New cars are by far the more expensive option to buying used. You'll take the massive depreciation hit that also comes standard with a new car. Insurance rates can be quite a bit higher for new cars compared to those of similar used vehicles.


Sometimes the best choice is to go the used car route. This is generally the cheaper of the two options that you'll have. However, with the advantages there naturally come disadvantages.

The initial costs are typically much lower for used vehicles compared to new versions of comparative models. Insurance rates are also generally lower than they are for new cars, depending on the driver of course. Another advantage is that there will be a larger selection to choose from with discontinued models and even higher-end models available at more affordable prices if you buy new.

Some of the marks against buying used stand out though. It can be much more expensive to perform maintenance on used vehicles because they'll require more work. That also means more time in the shop. You're obviously not getting the latest features in a used car, but powertrains don't change nearly as often as more minor features do, meaning you should be up-to-date under the hood.


Certified pre-owned vehicles are best thought of as the happy medium between used and new cars. At a slightly higher price than regular used cars, you get a car that is as close to new as it gets, with many of the benefits of a new car and without the high price of one.

Certified pre-owned cars are as trustworthy as used cars get. Because these cars are subjected to a rigorous inspection looking at more than a hundred aspects of the vehicle from interior to exterior to under the hood, you know you’re getting quality with a CPO vehicle. Any damaged parts are repaired or replaced with factory original parts and the inspection and repairs are done by trained dealership technicians who use special dealership-exclusive tools.

Plus, CPOs usually come with free CARFAX reports courtesy of the dealer, so you also get to see the vehicle’s crash history. CPO cars are also guaranteed to be fairly recent and be under a certain mileage. Certified-pre owned warranties are usually part of CPO programs, something you’ll have to buy for yourself if you want one for a regular used vehicle.

If you buy a CPO car, you may also have access to cash incentives, special programs, and lower interest rates than if you buy a regular used car. This brings down the CPO premium and entitles you to long-term cost-lowering help that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

And as with any used car, buying CPO means avoiding the massive depreciation of the first two to four years of a car’s life. This means if you decide to resell you’ll get a bigger return on your investment.

Certified pre-owned cars aren’t right for everyone, but if you have the extra cash and want peace of mind, check out your local dealer’s CPO program.
This can be a very difficult choice and BMW of Bowling Green's job is to help you get into the perfect car for whatever you need whether that's a brand new 3 Series or a 2011 5 Series. We're here to help you, so stop by our dealership in Bowling Green and we'll get you into a great BMW to fulfill your needs!

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