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Dead Battery Signs & How to Replace | Bowling Green, Kentucky

Have a Dead Battery?

If you’ve been having problems starting your car lately, but aren’t sure if it’s the battery, check out this list of symptoms:
  • The engine cranks when you turn the key in the ignition but won’t start.
  • The accessories and lights in the car aren’t running.
  • The car starts just fine one day, but not the next.
  • The car really struggles to start when it is cold.
  • You’ve jump started the battery many times.

How to Replace Your Car's Battery

If just one of these applies to you, odds are the battery is at fault. If two or more apply, you can be certain it’s the battery. You can follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to replace it:
  1. Set the car in park with the handbrake engaged and the engine off.
  2. Check the owner’s manual for the location of the battery and restraint type.
  3. Pop open the hood and make note of the location of the positive (+) and negative (-) battery cables. Red is positive and black is negative.
  4. Detach the negative (-) battery cable using a wrench.
  5. Detach the positive (+) cable.
  6. Remove the battery hold-down clamp. Put aside all parts and fasteners somewhere you won’t lose them.
  7. Remove the battery from the battery tray. Be careful, it may be heavy.
  8. Use a battery cleaning solution or a baking soda and water mixture to clean any corrosion that may be left behind on the battery tray or hold-down clamp.
  9. Clean the battery cable connectors with a wire brush.
  10. Install the new battery in the battery tray and secure it with the hold-down clamp.
  11. Remove the battery post safety caps and spray both positive (+) and negative (-) nodes with anti-corrosion solution.
  12. Attach and tighten the red positive (+) battery cable.
  13. Attach and tighten the black negative (-) battery cable.
  14. Check that everything is nice and snug. All done!
Dead car battery replace

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