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Electric BMW Vehicles | Bowling Green, Kentucky

Electric BMW vehicles - Bowling Green, KY
BMW i3
Subcompact Hatchback EV
The BMW i3 is BMW’s stylish subcompact hatchback EV, a sporty little car with a lot of energy. The i3 has an all-electric range of around 80 miles with its base 60-Ah battery, and the number increases to around 125 miles or more with the optional 94-Ah battery. This is far more than most people travel on their daily commute and even covers some short road trips, so owning an i3 is super convenient. Gas stations become a thing of the past, and if you tend to avoid long driving, you’ll always be able to charge your car at home. The i3 offers excellent performance thanks to the BMW eDrive system, which uses regenerative braking and its electric motors to create a seamless driving experience. With no gears to shift, pressing the “gas” pedal draws you powerfully and easily forward, and letting off the gas pedal immediately engages the brakes and connects the dissipating kinetic energy to charge your vehicle while you drive.
Model Shown: BMW i3
BMW i3
BMW i8
Plug-in Hybrid Compact Car
The BMW i8 is revolutionary. This plug-in hybrid maintains the low emissions and fuel economy of a compact car while offering incredible performance and high horsepower that matches its luxury sports car looks. The i8 is a combination of innovative technologies, from its LifeDrive design and EfficientDynamics measures to use of materials like carbon that boost its performance and allow perfect synchronization between its electric motor and gasoline engine. The i8 also features a variety of connective technologies like iConnectedDrive solutions as well as infotainment features and many others. You won’t find more advanced, luxurious electric vehicles on the market.
Model Shown: BMW i8
BMW i8
i3/ i8/
The BMW electric lineup is small but impressive, boasting the same degree of luxury as any other BMW plus a smooth electric drivetrain, impressive range, and high performance.


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